Saturday, August 29, 2009

What is Needful?

When we compare our family to what American society "expects," we can find a few major differences. I stay at home with three children and my husband is completing his doctorate. We live in a two bedroom apartment and recently decided to ditch our car, adn now we're biking everywhere we need to go.

Well, those are the only big differences at the moment. But looking at our society and our life, we want to find more differences.

We want to serve more in our community. We want to make wise purchasing decisions for those things that are needful. We want to rid ourselves of the debt we've accumulated. We want to live more closely to the earth. We want to make more informed choices in all areas of our life instead of believing the advertising we're bombarded with. We want to be happy with what we have rather than unhappy with what we don't.

We don't want to take the easiest roads. We don't want to follow the paths society has thoughtlessly carved for us to take.

And so, we journal our journey.

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